First Go Lo Video Goes Live

ian-cheesemanGo Lo have continued to promote the government’s Green Deal scheme with the first of a series of videos to be launched on our new YouTube channel.

This new introduction to Go Lo and the Green Deal scheme is hosted by GMR star Ian Cheeseman and gives prospective clients a first look at what to expect from the Green Deal process.

Go-lo, a community-based organisation and the first Green Deal energy efficiency adviser in the town will be responsible for the project in Macclesfield. The grant will be used to raise awareness of the Green Deal scheme and to convert two existing buildings into energy efficient ‘Superhomes’ to show exactly what is possible. Macclesfield’s housing stock reflects the town’s history and heritage but it falls short in many ways in its energy performance. The grant will allow go-lo to provide up to 300 free energy assessments that will illustrate the potential for energy savings and fuel bill reductions possible for residents across the Borough.

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