MP Visits Macclesfield’s Eco-Super Home

david-rutley-visit-1Three months ago the three bedroom detached house at 241, Chester Road was looking a little tired, having seen better days. It was, according to the estate agents, a development opportunity.

Today, courtesy of a grant provided to local energy efficiency specialists go-lo by Cheshire East Council with funding from the Department for Energy and Climate Change, it has been transformed into a gleaming low energy super-home and is being used to illustrate the potential of measures, many of which are available under the government’s Green Deal scheme, to radically improve the solid wall homes that are so common in the area.

“Insulating buildings like 241 is actually relatively straightforward” said Eliot Warrington, of Solarcrest Ltd, the Macclesfield-based company that carried out the work. “The solid brick walls that are a feature of the town offer little protection from the cold. So what we’ve done is to wrap the house up, seal the roof and replace uncontrolled drafts with a ventilation system that recovers the heat as it provides fresh air. It looks fantastic and will certainly be really cheap to run.”


Additional measures in the house include a new high efficiency gas boiler, low energy LED lighting and a sun tube to brighten a dark landing.

David Rutley, who has been very supportive of go-lo’s bid to make Macclesfield a Green Deal Pioneer Town, was impressed by what he saw. “This project seems to illustrate an excellent way forward. When new houses are built much higher levels of energy efficiency are targeted so it seems logical that we should do everything we can to achieve similar benefits within the existing housing stock”.

And property owner Heather Broadbent is also pleased with the outcome “When go-lo suggested we might consider being a guinea pig for this scheme we were a little nervous but we were planning a full internal renovation anyway so it seemed to make sense,” she said.

“We’re now looking forward to seeing how much money it saves on future bills and it certainly looks and feels brilliant”, she added.

If you’re one of the many folk who live in similar properties and would like to see what might be possible go-lo will be happy to arrange an appointment for you to visit 241 and let you know more about the Green Deal and other loans and grants that might be available. Contact go-lo at info@go-lo.org.uk