Save Half

Ambitious energy efficiency scheme aims to cut energy bills in half

Energy bills are rarely off the agenda and with a cold winter promised it’s even more crucial that vulnerable homeowners are supported to reduce fuel costs while maintaining a basic standard of living. However, a new pilot scheme is about to be launched which brings together new initiatives to help selected homeowners make lasting energy and cost savings (of up to 50% in some cases) without the hurdle of high up-front costs.

Two time-limited funding opportunities – new grant money worth up to £5,600 from the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund* launched this week by the Government’s Department for Energy and Climate Change combined with an interest free or equity share loan worth up to £10,000 – will allow ‘retrofitting’  of the latest energy saving technologies to a limited number of homes in Macclesfield. People can then enjoy substantially lower fuel bills with the added benefit of living in a warmer, more comfortable and healthier home, all without up-front expense.

The means-tested loan scheme is aimed at those on low incomes, particularly those over 60 in pre-1930’s solid walled properties. By applying the most efficient technologies to the least efficient homes the pilot scheme aims to tackle fuel poverty and improve health and well-being.

“People we speak to think a layer of mineral wool in the loft and a few hundred pounds worth of cavity insulation means nothing more can be done” said Eliot Warrington of Solarcrest, the Macclesfield based eco-retrofit experts who are working with Go-Lo who pioneered the Green Deal in Macclesfield. “But there are thousands of homes in Macclesfield with insufficient or failed insulation, and very few with proper ventilation”.

“With winter on the way, inefficient homes start to feel cold and damp. Many are prone to black mould that can contribute to poor health, particularly in children and the elderly”.

Unaffordable energy bills leave many people in Cheshire having to choose between heating and eating. Switching providers can help but the best solution is to reduce the amount of energy you need to use. When the leaks are fixed the heat you put in stays in, significantly reducing the expense of constantly reheating your home.

With a number of social housing and government-funded research projects under their belt, the team have shown that with the right products, massive savings are achievable; and this project will open up the possibility of many more households benefitting from the improvements.

The pilot scheme is open to homeowners who meet a set of criteria and places are strictly limited. To register your interest please contact us.