What we do

Every person and organisation wants to reduce the amount they spend on electricity. But if you’ve taken all the obvious energy-saving measures – solar panels, LED lights, insulation, low-energy appliances – it can be difficult to see how you can make any further dent in those bills.

Well, now there’s a way. We’ve developed an innovative process help you store energy cheaply, and release it when you need it – meaning that you can now harvest solar or low-tariff electricity, instead of having to simply pay at the point of use.

Working with leading British energy storage companies, our simple system sees us integrate a highly specialized battery array (about the size of a washing machine) into your existing electrical systems. We can also add solar PV where feasible, making it even more effective and environmentally beneficial.

We can work with anyone with a high demand for electricity sich as schools, sports clubs or businesses, plus offering domestic solutions for individual homeowners or housing associations looking to help those who may be in fuel poverty by helping them save up to 40% on electricity bills.